Finally, A Decent Octopus Tentacle Pillow

December 24, 2019


For any of you looking for last minute gift ideas that are only available for pre-order and won't arrive until after the holiday but you can at least say 'Hey I got you something, it was a pre-order though' and bring up the website on your phone and hope they've forgotten about it or the world has ended by the time they're supposed to ship because you never ordered one in the first place, this is a $40 octopus tentacle pillow available for pre-order from Japanese importer NCSX. The tentacles are available in red or purple, will ship in late March 2020, measure approximately 15-inches by 14-inches, make a great neck pillow, and are perfect for letting everyone else on a flight know you're different. And different is good, right? "Not our kind." Haha, no....not our kind.

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees cosplaying sushi is all fun and games until somebody takes a bite.

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