Damn: Chinese Gamer Sues Backstabbing Friend After He Sold His $1.4-Million Video Game Character For $552

December 2, 2019


A Chinese Justice Online gamer recently sued a backstabbing friend and NetEase (the video game publisher) after the jerk sold the MMORPG character he estimates he put over $1.4-million into for a scant $552. Apparently he had lent the character to the friend, who then took control of the account and tried to sell it back to him for $55,200 but was so tired from "a marathon gaming session" that he set the sale price for only $552, which was immediately bought by a third party. Some more info while I try to wrap my head around spending $1.4-million on a video game character instead of lotto scratchers (it takes money to make money):

In the court mediation that followed, the defendant claimed that this unintentional typo happened because of exhaustion after a marathon gaming session. The lawsuit was ultimately settled with the mediation of a judge who presided over the proceedings online. NetEase revoked the transaction with the million-dollar character returning to the original owner, while the player who bought the pricey character for a bargain received a payout of 90,000 yuan (roughly $12,800) in damages.

Never lend your million dollar video game character to a friend, that's the lesson here. Plus if a neighbor comes over to borrow a cup of sugar, apparently you shouldn't expect that sugar back. *ahem* SUSAN. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, house fire.

Thanks to v, who agrees everybody spends their money differently.

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