But Was It New Car Scent?: Man Accidentally Blows Up Car After Using 'Excessive' Amount Of Air Freshener, Lighting Cigarette

December 17, 2019


This is a shot of the aftermath of a man using what police describe as "excessive" amounts of aerosol air freshener in his car, then lighting a cigarette. God, hang a couple Black Ice scented pine trees from your rear-view like a normal person. The man escaped with only minor injuries, which he hopefully acknowledged as Death whispering, "I've got my eye sockets on you."

Gas from the spray ignited, blew out the windscreen and windows and buckled the doors but the man escaped with only minor injuries.

Police said the incident in Halifax on Saturday "could've been worse" and warned people to follow safety advice.

It was so powerful it caused damage to windows at nearby businesses.

I mean yeah, I'm sure the aerosol air freshener was at least partially responsible for the explosion, but you have to give the undoubtedly feral fart that just escaped at least a little bit of credit. There's just no way this was a lone gunman sort of situation.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees dousing your car in air freshener and immediately lighting a cigarette seems counterproductive.

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