Brewery Gets Fined After Featuring Reindeer Doing The Nasty On Its Beer Cans

December 9, 2019


Sycamore Brewing of Charlotte, North Carolina is in hot water mash after releasing its seasonal Christmas Cookie Winter Ale in cans that feature pixelated reindeer making baby Rudolphs in positions I didn't know were possible. Apparently some jerk saw the cans and notified the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission because some people's lives are void of absolutely anything important at all.

[T]he label likely violated the agency's rules prohibiting obscene material, and the brewery didn't submit it for approval before producing the cans either. As a result, Sycamore will most likely face a fine of between $500 and $1,000.

"We're in a moment in our country where the president is up for impeachment, there are school shootings, there's all this horrible stuff going on," Sycamore co-owner Justin Brigham said. "And you know, seven-and-a-half percent (ABV) beer that tastes like cookies, with pixelated reindeer? That's a nice reprieve I think."

I really would like to meet the person who tattled and pick their brain. "With a shovel?" Haha, no....not worth going back to jail for. Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if Sycamore Brewing actually told on themselves. I mean a $500 - $1,000 fine is a small price to pay for all the advertising they just got. *tapping side of head* Trust me ,I took a marketing course in college. Well, four weeks of one anyways before I stopped going to focus on playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Thanks to Christina D, who agrees people are the worst.

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