Bicyclist Riding Around England Uses GPS To Draw Very Impressive GPS Reindeer, Santa Face, Snowman

December 18, 2019


This is the result of bicyclist Anthony Hoyte riding 127.8km (79.4 miles) around London over the course of nine hours to draw a reindeer head using GPS tracking/tracing service Strava. Also included are a 66km (41 mile), 4 hour 35 minute Santa face around Birmingham from 2018, and a 142.3km (88.4 mile) 10 hour and 3 minute snowman from 2017. *shrug* I suppose we all celebrate the holidays differently. Me? I chug eggnog till I feel like I'm going to puke, then chug more until I do.

Keep going for Santa and Frosty.



Thanks to Christina D, for inspiring me to draw all the things I've wanted to on my bike but been too put off by the exercise to.

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