Baby Yoda Just Wants To Turn On The Radio In The Mandalorian's Ship

December 13, 2019


These are several edits of the Baby Yoda starts pushing buttons in the Mandalorian's Razor Crest spaceship scene from episode 4 ('Sanctuary') imagining he's actually turning on the radio, or whatever the hell else they use to listen to music in the Star Wars universe. And can you blame him? All that silence must be deafening. Man, I remember one time when I was young the stereo in my parents' car shit the bed right before a long car trip. "What did you do?" Are you kidding? Cancelled the trip, it would have been a blood bath.

Keep going for the videos (including a Toto's Africa version and an edit made by Gucci Mane), but search Youtube for Baby Yoda pushing buttons for probably a million more.

Thanks to Alden, who agrees no matter what your age, when you see a bunch of buttons and switches, you play with them.

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