A Website That Allows You To Scroll To The Bottom Of The Ocean With Facts, Figures And Animal Life Along The Way

December 6, 2019


This is The Deep Sea, a website 'made with ♥ by Neal Agarwal.' What is that, a cheap diamond? "It's a heart, GW -- like love." Now don't you get all mushy on me. I know how this goes: one minute you're getting all mushy on me and the next we're raising three kids in my parents' basement. "Say what now?" This is Deep Sea, a website made with cubic zirconiums by Neal Agrwal that allows a visitor to scroll to the bottom of the ocean learning facts and figures about various depths and the animals that live there along the way. "What did you learn, GW?" I learned I saw a f***ing polar bear at 24 meters and decided to not risk scrolling any further. "Why am I not surprised?" Tell me if you spot Atlantis.

Thanks to Jessica C, who agrees there's no way there isn't already a plastic CVS bag at the very bottom of the ocean.

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