A Self-Driving Electric DeLorean Programmed To Drift Entire Obstacle Course

December 30, 2019

This is a video demonstration of Stanford University's self-driving electric DeLorean MARTY precisely drifting its way through an obstacle course as its developers aim to improve how autonomous vehicles respond in hazardous conditions. Man, that thing drifts around the course like it's angry it was never cast in a Fast & Furious movie and has something to prove. Me? I actually was cast in a Fast & Furious movie but they fired me after failing to show up on set the first day of shooting because my real-life ride broke down. *snapping windshield wiper in half over knee* I could have been a star. "It wasn't my fault!" NOT NOW, OPTIMUS.

Keep going for the video. A ton more detail about the project at Stanford's website HERE.

Thanks to Marc B, hairless, and ST, who agrees it should have ended with the car drifting into a parallel parking spot.

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