'A Holiday Reunion': A 4-Minute Xfinity Commercial Starring E.T. Returning To Visit A Grown Up Elliot

December 2, 2019


This is 'A Holiday Reunion', a four minute video short/Xfinity commercial featuring E.T. returning to earth 37 years after his initial visit to see his old pal Elliot again (and presumably eat all the Reese's Pieces). It's pretty damn cute for a commercial, although I don't understand why the family felt like they needed to explain the internet and technology to E.T. like he didn't come to earth on a spaceship and once make an intergalactic phone out of a saw blade on a record player attached to a Speak & Spell. 4/5 stars, where the hell's the alien friend I ask for every Christmas?

Keep going for the video while I ride my bike over a cliff in an attempt for an alien to show itself and save me.

Thanks to me, for seeing the commercial over the weekend and remembering to find it in the series of tubes.

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