A Custom Smoke-Breathing Godzilla Christmas Tree

December 2, 2019


Because it just makes sense, this is the smoke-breathing Godzilla Christmas tree crafted by New Zealander Steven Newland and recently up for auction on Trademe. It sold for $415 while my hands were unfortunately too covered in bread stuffing to bid $1,000,000. That's a shame. As you can see, it offers the perfect place to pile gifts between its legs and, with a well-timed smokey exhale, might just be enough to scare an extra present out of Santa. Or a fart that sets the tree on fire, it really could go either way with a man who eats nothing but cookies and naughty elves.

Keep going for one more shot and a video of the smoke (fog machine) in action.


Thanks to my friend Jackie, who got me a Zelda coffee mug many moons ago and is still in service to this day.

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