YOLO: Dog Left In Running Car Does Donuts In Reverse For An Hour

November 25, 2019

These are a couple videos from Port St. Lucie, Florida of a black lab (from now on known as Florida Dog) that was in a running vehicle "accidentally left in reverse," and proceeded to do backwards donuts in a cul-de-sac for an hour until cops were able to get the driver's side door open and let him out. My dog? My dog would have driven straight to the dog park. Ooooor crashed into the meat department at the nearest grocery store. Surprisingly, the only damage from the incident was a single run over mailbox and some mangled trash cans. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "A movie about a driving dog?" Well I was thinking two foot-long chili cheese dogs for lunch, but we should probably call Disney and pitch both our ideas.

Keep going for the videos, the second of which is a worthwhile local news report.

Thanks to Lana and MSA, who agree if dogs could make real donuts, that would be awesome. Or cinnamon rolls and bring them to you breakfast-in-bed style.

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