Yarrrrr!: Skull & Crossbones Fireplace Decoration

November 11, 2019


This is the Skull and Bones fireplace/pit decoration manufactured and sold by Stanbroil on Amazon. $55 gets you a single skull and bones, which measures approximately 11" x 7". They're safe to use in any wood or gas burning fireplace or fire pit. Is it the best skull and crossbones in a fire I've ever seen? Not by far, but you also won't get arrested trying to hide a shovel behind your back in the graveyard, so there's that. Still, I feel like it's a perfect fireplace decoration to let guests know I haven't given up on my dream of being a pirate, and just as soon as the kids are grown and out of the house I'll be setting sail. "You mean WE'LL be setting sail." Haha, what's that honey?

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to Brian M, who agrees somebody should open up a pirate themed bar in my basement.

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