WTF Is Wrong With You?: Honda Brake-Checks A Hummer, Hummer Exacts Revenge

November 5, 2019

This is a short video of a blue Honda speeding across three lanes of traffic then immediately brake-checking the Hummer approaching from behind. Like, to the point you can see the Honda's tires smoke. The Hummer proceeds to ram them, then ram them a couple more times for good measure. I've got the feeling these two may have had a previous altercation leading up to this. Whatever the case, I want to see some licenses revoked. But mostly just the Honda driver's though, because that was me in the Hummer. "You drive a Hummer, GW?" Come on, do I look like the kind of person who owns a Hummer? "You don't look like the kind of person who owns a wallet." I don't even know what that means, but it's true.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Ash, who agrees it's not like vehicles are capable of causing bodily harm or anything.

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