Woman Proposes To Boyfriend With 12-Hour Live Action Dungeons & Dragons Scavenger Hunt

November 7, 2019


These are 37-minutes of video highlights from the 12-hour live action Dungeons & Dragons themed scavenger hunt that Fairlith Harvey organized for her boyfriend, and proposed to at the end of. Some more info directly from Fairlith while I try to recall if I've ever participated in a scavenger hunt. Or true love:

On Saturday, October 12th, 2019, my partner thought he was getting up to go to work.

Little did he know, I'd already called him out of work months ago...

I had spent six and a half months saving every spare penny I got to give my Dungeons and Dragons-loving partner a 12-hour live action D&D adventure.

Outside our front door waited a gift with a beautiful cloak my mom made, and some beautiful silver elf ear cuffs. In Jordan's message inbox waited the first DM video, from a fake Facebook account I made, 'Rolfur Initiative'. Then things got started!

I flew his siblings, sister in law, little niece, best friend, and parents here. I got all of our actor friends involved. I got his stage combat troupe involved. I got my DM friend involved. I invited 100 of our friends. Friends and family made things from 100 lembas bread cookies to jokey signs for the tavern to carving cool names into foam swords to a weighted inflatable D20. Friends and family that couldn't be here made video clues for the treasure hunt.

I have never loved anyone so much, and I want Jordan to feel confident and safe in our relationship and my love for him.

This video doesn't encompass all of it, or even all the videos I have. This is highlights! I spent so much time making sure every moment was detailed.

Seeing his jaw drop when he saw his family at the beginning of the day was the best moment of my whole life.

The actual proposal (and summing up of the day's events) starts at: 28:02

Wow, so that's what true love sounds like, huh? Prior I'd only read about it in books and seen it in movies. Sounds powerful. Still, I guess it gives me something to hope for. "Falling in love?" What? No -- harnessing the power of love for evil. Now, you two there -- kiss while standing in this laser beam.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks Fairlith, and *raising chalice of undying hope* to endless years of adventures together.

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