Whoa: Gigantic Hand-Knit Snorlax Beanbag Chair/Bed

November 26, 2019


This is the gigantic (~80-inch) Snorlax chair ("Sleeping Monster") crafted by Etsy seller KnotAgainByAnima, commissioned by a friend for her husband and completed over the course of three months. KnotAgainByAmina will knit you one too, provided you have $3,500. Just look at that thing! I can already close my eyes and imagine my dogs ripping it to shreds and me having no choice but to love them anyways because I signed the unconditionality clause in the adoption papers. *slipping turkey jerky bits under the table* Definitely no treats for a while though!

Keep going for a few more shots.





Thanks to DT, who agrees sleeping with a pocket monster like Snorlax would be a lot cooler than the ones that come out of my closet at night.

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