Whoa: A Moth That Has Evolved Wings That Look Like Two Flies Eating Bird Poop

November 15, 2019


Because *trying to wrestle bottle of Fireball away from her* Mother Nature is totally nuts, this is a shot of Macrocilix maia, an Asian moth that's evolved a mural on its wings that looks like two flies pigging out on bird shit (tons more shots on Flickr because they really all do look like this). Apparently the moth also has "a pungent odor" to compliment the motif. Now, scientists aren't quite sure why the moth has evolved these features, because it seems like the flies would only attract predators. *shrug* Life's mysteries. I still remember the first time I ate bird shit. My dad said somebody must have spilled their blackberry cobbler and ice cream.

Thanks to Alex S, who agrees life finds a way.

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