Well That's Something You Don't See Everyday: Water Spouting From Top Of Skyscraper

November 5, 2019


Unusual stream? Pfft, meet me in the men's room in ten minutes.

This is a local news report from downtown Philadelphia where water was spotted spewing from the top of the One Liberty Place skyscraper on Sunday. Apparently it was intentional, and an annual test of the building's fire protection systems. Still, I don't think it's fair this building can relieve itself so freely when every couple weeks I'm getting arrested for discreetly trying to pee in some bushes or an alleyway. "You just never learn your lesson, do you, GW?" LESSONS WERE MADE TO BE BROKEN.

Keep going for the news report while I water the plants around the office.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees even buildings have to go sometimes.

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