Well It's About Time: A Hostess Twinkies Breakfast Cereal

November 20, 2019


Because occasionally lesser dreams really do come true, Post has announced it's teaming up with Hostess to release a Twinkies cereal late this December. *making snow angel in powdered sugar* It's a Christmas miracle! Some more info while I'm amazed some people still have time to eat breakfast out of a bowl in the morning instead of out of a plastic wrapper in the car. "You did still have Twinkies though." FACT.

Twinkies Cereal replicates the distinctive taste and familiar oblong shape of the golden-colored snack cake, delivering delightful sweetness in every bite. Twinkies fans can find the new cereal on grocery store shelves nationwide starting in late December.

"In developing a cereal version of the iconic Twinkies, our top priority was focused on delivering the great Twinkies flavor in each bite," said Josh Jans, Brand Manager of Cereal Partnerships at Post Consumer Brands. "Knowing that taste remains the No. 1 purchase driver of cereal, we conducted multiple consumer tests, and the new Twinkies Cereal delivered. We think fans will find that it not only tastes great with milk but also outside the bowl."

Will I be eating a bowl over some Saturday morning cartoons come this December? You better believe it. And if I'm lucky my mom might even pack some in a Ziploc bag for me on a long car trip. Hey *pointing* can you pass me that? "The sippy cup?" Don't judge, I filled it with liquor. "Really? Because I saw your mom filling it with Pedialyte." I've had the runs for two days and I'm dehydrated, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? Don't eat the cat's food.

Keep going for one more shot of a bowl of the cereal artfully displayed in front of a spilled box.


Thanks to Amy C, who agrees all junk foods should have a breakfast cereal version.

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