WALL-E Like Autonomous Fed-Ex Delivery Robots Spotted In New York City

November 25, 2019

These are a couple videos from New York City of FedEx's autonomous SameDay Bots making their way around town. Is this the future of package delivery? I hope not, I invested everything I have in cannons and parachutes. Some more info about the SameDay Bot while I spraypaint one to look like WALL-E like FedEx should have done to begin with. *slaps on back of head* What were you thinking with, packing peanuts?

It can climb stairs, expertly steer around pedestrians using LIDAR sensors, and apparently even handle cobble stone. The tiny vehicles can coast to speeds as high as 10 miles per hour

A lot of people are calling the robot top-heavy like a few packages in its otherwise empty upper body is going to way a lot more than its entire undercarriage with wheels and hydraulics and electric motors. People, am I right? "What about them?" They're everywhere. "Mhmm." Except in my trunk. "Wait, what?" Gotta go!

Keep going for two videos of a SameDay Bot in the real world, as well as FedEx's reveal video from earlier this year.

Saw a FedEx robot in soho just now. from r/nyc

Thanks to K Diddie, who agrees if you do manage to knock one over you are entitled to one free package of your choice but no shaking the boxes.

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