Video Of A 'Smart Summoned' Tesla Driving The Wrong Way To Pick Up Owner

November 7, 2019

These are two short videos from a parking lot in Richmond, British Columbia of a Tesla Model 3 that was Smart Summoned by its owner from a busy street and has turned into a parking lot and is driving up a down lane trying to get to them. *honking horn, flipping bird* WHERE'D YOU LEARN HOW TO DRIVE, DUMBASS? *quickly rolls window up, floors it* Holy shit honey that was a ghost.

Keep going for the videos while I open the floor to respectful discussion about smart summoning technology, and the people who use it.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees if a Tesla hits someone while in Smart Summon mode, who do I sue for my faked injuries?

What Tesla's Autopilot 'Sees' While In Use

This is a video of what Tesla's autopilot 'sees' while activated. It looks like an unfinished video game. Or, in some people's opinion, a Terminator's head-up display....
February 7, 2020
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