Two Blindfolded Guys With Inflatable Boxing Gloves Duke It Out At The Campground

November 25, 2019

Because this is America, here's a video of two blindfolded men duking it out with inflatable boxing gloves on at a campground in the sticks. Based on their inability to understand basic directions (turn left, turn right, straight ahead, behind you), I'm going to assume they're either both good and drunk, or never learned. So who wins? Well there's no official winner declared, but it looks like Kid Rock there took a fair beating and goes down hard a couple times, so I'm going to say we are -- we're the real winners here.

Keep going for the video while I add blindfolded inflatable glove deathmatch boxing to my family's Thanksgiving schedule of events.

Thanks to Josh J, who know a good time when he sees one, and watching this live would have been a good time. Especially with a fistful of bottle rockets.

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