Star Trek's Warp Speed Visualized Using Our Solar System For Reference

November 26, 2019

This is a short video visualizing the Star Trek's universe's warp speed, from warp 1 (the speed of light) - to warp 9.9 (2,083 times the speed of light) using our solar system for scale. As you can see, in the grand scheme of space travel anything below warp 7 looks like a turtle crawling into its grave, and even at warp 9.9, IF WE COULD SOMEHOW TRAVEL AT 2,083 TIMES THE SPEED OF LIGHT, it would take 18 hours to get to the next closest star to our sun, Proxima Centauri. *frustratingly brushing rocket engine plans off desk* I vote we just blow up earth and call it a day.

Keep going for the full video while I speculate if Star Trek and Star Wars may have given us unrealistic expectations in regards to space travel.

Thanks to DT, who agrees if we could just blow up the planet before Thanksgiving I would be extra thankful because my aunt is just gonna burn the turkey again then everyone's gonna get drunk and fist fight.

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