Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Gets New Trailer With Revamped Look

November 12, 2019


"I'm Sonic, a little ball of super energy, in an extremely handsome package. On my planet people were always after my powers, so I came to yours."

This is the trailer for the February 14th, 2020 release (what a Valentine's Day to remember this is gonna be!) of Sonic The Hedgehog, with Sonic in what is allegedly going to be his final form. Unless there's enough fan backlash. And with a $90-million budget already, I can't imagine they can afford another redesign and rendering for a movie that, according to my most recent projection, is going to earn in the tens of thousands of dollars. Do kids these days even know who Sonic is? Because I asked my nephew and he thought he was from Monster's Inc. To Sonic's credit though, my nephew isn't the brightest crayon in the box. The sharpest either. Speaking of -- do they still make the Crayola boxes with the sharpener in the back? I used to love trying to sharpen my fingers in those things things.

Keep going for the trailer while I buy an entire 8:10 showing worth of tickets for opening night because 1) this is actually going to be a banger and 2) *eyes turn into hearts* James Marsden.

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