Samsung Announces Special Edition Dark Side Kylo Ren Galaxy Note10+

November 19, 2019


Because there's money in them there galaxies far away, Samsung has announced a special edition Kylo Ren Galaxy Note10+ smartphone to be released December 10th. Some more info about the special edition while I puffy paint the back of my own phone with a Strawberry Shortcake motif:

The phone itself touts a black-and-red color scheme (plus custom graphics and sounds) to match Kylo Ren's embrace of the dark side, but you'll also get a matching Kylo Ren case, Galaxy Buds and a metal collector's badge.

Do be ready to hunt the phone down and pay a hefty sum. The Star Wars variant will reach 15 markets (including the US, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Spain) starting December 10th. In the US, it'll be available on December 13th in unlocked form for $1,300 at Amazon, Samsung and some Best Buy and Microsoft stores. Samsung isn't asking you to pay a large premium over what it would cost to get plainer versions, then. The challenge may boil down to getting one before supply runs out

So, here's the plan: we use my connections at Best Buy and Microsoft to get as many of these phones as possible, then sell them on eBay for a ridiculous markup. Trust me, Star Wars fans will pay for them, especially so close to Christmas. "But I thought you hate people who do stuff like that." I never said I liked myself.

Keep going for a closeup of the phone.


Thanks to Closet Nerd, who, based on his enthusiasm for the phone, will either be my first customer or first to kick my ass.

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