Real Products That Exist: Colored Pencils With Star Wars Themed Color Names

November 14, 2019


This is the set of Color Wars colored pencils available from purveyors of pop-culturally named colored pencils PopColors. As you can see, each of the 12 pencils in the $15 set *spit-takes orange juice and milk mix* has a Star Wars themed color name. But the fun doesn't stop there! They also have named sets with Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and other themes. Just to be clear though, these are just regular-ass colored pencils with themed color names on the side. "But--" I know, and we shouldn't dwell on it, let's just try to move on with our lives.

Keep going for shots of some of the other sets.





Thanks to becca b, who agrees apparently there's a market for literally everything.

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