Prototype Headlights That Project Info On The Road In Front Of You

November 13, 2019

But can you still see them in full sun news, this is a video from the recent 2019 Tokyo Motor Show of the Projection Lighting system developed by Koito Manufacturing, which consists of headlights that can project information onto the road in front of a car (e.g. how wide your car is for parking, what direction an obstacle/pedestrian has been spotted in). Is it more practical than the existing technology that projects info onto the windshield in front of a driver? I don't know, but at least all the terrible drivers will be able to see the middle finger I'm projecting alongside my horn now, so there's that. *shaking fist out window*

Keep going for a video demo of the system, which apparently could also be used for a little mood lighting while driving at night. My my! *squeezes girlfriend's thigh*



Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees it's all fun and games until you crash your car trying to play Space Invaders on your headlights.

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