Okaaay: Frozen's 'Let It Go' Performed In Klingon

November 5, 2019


This is the audio of Jen Usellis, aka the Klingon Pop Warrior, performing Frozen's 'Let it Go' in Klingon. I'm not gonna lie, it's a banger in any language. Or at least English and Spanish (¡Suéltalo!) and Klingon, because those are the only versions I've heard. Maybe it actually sucks in German. Listens to German version because this is the internet and all the information and media in the world is right at your fingertips. Oh wow. You know the internet really is a magical place. "It's a shithole." We should flush a stick of dynamite down it!

Keep going for the Soundcloud, as well as a video of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' being performed live.

Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees people are fascinating creatures.

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