Oh Wow: Impressive Stop Motion Video Of A LEGO Pizza Being Made

November 11, 2019

This is a very impressive stop motion video created by animator Bebop (no Rocksteady? or is this the Cowboy variety of Bebop?) of a pizza being made entirely out of LEGO piece ingredients, and consists of 3,300 individual photographs. At around two minutes long, that's like 27.5 photos/second. I don't even think I've taken 3,300 photos in my lifetime. I'm more of a 'take a mental snapshot' kinda guy and have zero proof I've ever been on a vacation.

Keep going for the worthwhile video, particularly if you like eating LEGO blocks.

Thanks to my buddy Eric P, who agrees LEGO blocks are great for being so low-cal, but you pay the price on their exit unless you chew really, really well.

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