Oh Wow: Family Shows Off Their Bo Staff And Kama Blade Choreography

November 20, 2019


This is "Family of Four Trains With Bo Staff and Kama Blades", a Youtube video of a family of four demonstrating their synchronized choreography with bo staffs and kama blades. There were some pretty sweet moves in there. Maybe not as sweet as my moves, but *throws a couple mediocre air karate chops* Master Splinter has been trying to convince me to join the Ninja Turtles for years. "GW? What's it like exactly living inside that idiot brain of yours?" An uphill battle every day, it really is.

Keep going for the last thing you wanna see in a dark alley.

Thanks to Josh J, who agrees a family that martial arts together is probably a force to be reckoned with at family reunions.

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