Nailed It: Guy Leaving Exhaust Shop Drives Into Wall

November 26, 2019

Because screw that passenger side mirror, this is a short video of a youngster in Leeds, England attempting to show off the sweet new exhaust he purchased for his Smart car Ford Ka instead of spending that money on absolutely anything else, and immediately driving into a wall. From the business itself:

A young lad came to our business, Prestige Custom Exhaust to get a cheap as possible exhaust wanting it loud and a new tip. We got him sorted with a resonator delete and new tip, when we've finished the jobs we asked him to do a launch out of the yard so we could put it on our facebook page. As he set off he didn't take any notice of where he was going and drove straight into the wall. He said he was looking at the gear stick to make sure he changed gear properly. When he came back to apologize he told us he'd only just passed his driving test.

Wow, just got his license and was looking at the gear shift to make sure he was shifting properly. Now I'm not say maybe he wasn't ready for a new, louder exhaust, but maybe the extra two horsepower he gained was just too much power for him to control. When reached for comment, exhaust expert Bubb Rubb said whistle tips go WOO-WOOO.

Keep going for the video, complete with the audio of that sweet, sweet exhaust. Also, as you may recall, Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis almost had a similar crash with their car at 1:45.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees that new exhaust probably just gave him two too many horsepowers.

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