Minibikes Built From Volkswagen Beetle Fenders

November 21, 2019


These are the 'Volkspod' minibikes built by Brent Walter after removing the fenders from a Volkswagen bug for his 'Volksrod' project (a fenderless bug, picture after the jump). The Volkspods were constructed by welding pieces of four bug fenders (two front, two back) together to form the body and give them a vintage scooter vibe. Simple enough. Some more info from Brent while I launch my own minibike-on-demand company like everyone is doing with those electric scooters:

The Volkspods scooters use custom-built frames with engines built in and covered by type 1 classic Beetle model fenders. It is equipped with a retro bike handlebar, a seat, as well as head- and tail lights. Walter made two classic variants: birch green and pastel blue.

"The original (green) has a 79cc motor and is more for looks than it is practical," elaborated Walter. "The second (blue) one has more ground clearance and a 212cc motor. It is more practical to ride around on the road."

Pretty slick. Would I ride one? Depends, do you have to have a driver's license to operate one? "Has that ever stopped you before?" NOTHING'S EVER STOPPED ME BUT TREES AND THE PO-PO.

Keep going for several more shots and a short video of the bikes being ridden, but check out Brent's Instagram page for a ton more build shots if you're into this.






Thanks to v, who agrees minibikes can be megafun, especially off ramps.

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