Man Uses Bread Loaf Cut Lengthwise To Make Extra Long Grilled Cheese

November 6, 2019


This is a short pictorial of Imgurian progun9876543212718's quest to make an extra long grilled cheese sandwich after procuring "some lengthwise cut bread from work." I assume they work at a bakery or grocery store or restaurant and not a hardware store, although I suppose you could cut that bread with a bandsaw. Obviously, this is the perfect sandwich bread for being able to lie to your doctor and tell them you've only been having a single sandwich for lunch every day. Granted lying to your doctor isn't going to make you any better, but it's always nice to pull one over on someone smarter than yourself.

Keep going for the process (SPOILER: the same as making a regular grilled cheese).






Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees all grocery stores should carry lengthwise cut bread so more people can live their dream.

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