Man Modded Minivan Into A Star Trek Shuttlecraft

November 20, 2019


These are a couple shots and a video (from Burning Man) of the Ford Aerostar minivan that Cory Mervis-Bocskor modded into the Goddard shuttlecraft from Star Trek: The Next Generation. My God, can you even imagine the amount of sex this thing has seen? Because my guess is either zero or all of it and we're looking at the birthplace of humankind.

Keep going for one more shot and a worthwhile video of the thing at Burning Man at night time (is the right time0 with its sick lights all lit up (and clear rear).


Thanks again to E.V.I.L.A.R.E.S., who's so evil he'd probably photon torpedo that thing as soon as he thought nobody was looking.

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