Life: Two Cats Play Tug-O-War With Piece Of Raw Meat While Another Cat Actually Eats It

November 18, 2019


This is a short video of two cats playing tug-o-war with what appears to be a piece of raw steak while a third, smarter cat (think of him as the third little pig) actually chews some meat off. Smart. Also, a great metaphor for life -- because when your'e busy squabbling with somebody over something, there's always someone else (or a clandestine organization, possibly the deep state) stealing whatever it is you're fighting over, unseen, right in front of you. So, which cat are you? Because I feel like the steak. Also, I know one litter box that's gonna require a hazmat suit to clean tomorrow.

Keep going for the video.

Hunger Games from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

Thanks to Jocelyn, who agrees tug-o-war is cool, but red rover is the best.

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