Life Hacks: How To Refill Engine Oil Without A Funnel

November 13, 2019


This is a short video demonstrating how to refill your car's engine oil without using a funnel by pouring the viscous oil down the dipstick into the reservoir. It's presumably for use in an emergency situation, because if you're performing an oil change and don't have a funnel just what the hell sort of backwoods job are you doing? Did you just let the old oil run out onto your driveway? What did you use for an oil filter, a can of Bush's Beans? Plus you robbed the guy at Insta-Lube the opportunity to try to sell you an air filter you don't need. And, okay, wow -- you definitely just poured that in the wiper fluid reservoir. *pointing* It goes in there, dummy. "The one marked coolant?" Yes, now get pouring, six quarts.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Josh J, who agrees a freshly oil changed Transformer is a happy Transformer.

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