LEGO Dinosaur Fossil Set Becomes Reality

November 5, 2019


After some fan-submitted LEGO dinosaur fossil sets gained enough traction on the LEGO Ideas website to warrant review and potential production, the company is releasing set #21320, 'Dinosaur Fossils', a 910-piece set that includes 1:32 scale fossil displays of a t-rex, triceratops, and pteranodon. Plus a minifig and skeleton minifig. The set costs $60, is available now, and sadly might be the closest I'll ever come to realizing my dream of being a paleontologist. "Awww, GW, it's never too la--" Don't you inspirational poster me. That ship has sailed and you know it.

Keep going for the video.






Thanks to DT, who agrees you haven't lived until you've hastened down a loose LEGO strewn hallway fire walk style.

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