La Machine's Giant Mechanical Fire-Breathing Dragon Roaming The Streets Of Calais, France

November 14, 2019

These are a couple photos and videos of the giant fire-breathing mechanical Dragon de Calais built by La Machine (previously: their giant mechanical spider and minotaur) that recently roamed the streets of Calais, France as part of a live-action performance. The dragon measures 25-meters (~82-feet) long, stands 15-meters (~49-feet) tall, weighs almost 80 tons, and takes 17 people to operate. But *unsheathing sword* only one hero to slay. Speaking of -- where, uh, where's the fair maiden? "There isn't one." Treasure hoard? "Nope." *resheathing sword* I'll be at the tavern.

Keep going for the video.




Thanks to Jacques, who agrees it must be exhilarating being the guy sitting in the cockpit right behind the dragon's head, ready to burninate anything and everything in your way.

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