I Can See The Gears Turning: Cats Versus Water Bottle Maze

November 11, 2019


This is a video of Kittisaurus's kitties (previously) tackling a water bottle maze set up in the hallway. Although it's not so much a maze as it is a repeating back-and-forth zig zag, but I really wish they'd notified me before doing this so I could have bought some stock in SamDa Soo water. I could be a millionaire right now, but noooooo, instead I'm stuck in the middle of this maze, dying of dehydration. "There's water all around you." I don't water, I want milk. "Why didn't you say so?" *slaps glass out of hand* CHOCOLATE.

Keep going for the video while I hope Kittisaurus here recycles instead of throwing those plastic bottles directly into the ocean.

Thanks to Jessie D, who agrees the shortest distance between two points is going aerial.

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