Guy Demonstrates His Mom's Sliding Glass Door Lock

November 18, 2019


This is a short video of a guy demonstrating his mom's solution for a sliding door lock. You can hear her in the background, "Are you gonna put it on the internet?!" Of course this isn't her fault at all -- this is her son's fault. If he'd answered his phone and come over and installed a proper lock when his mom called needing a lock for her sliding glass door this never would have happened. But noooooo, he was probably too busy out socializing with the ladies. "Or playing Fornite." Well in my mind he was out meeting his future wife. "But in reality he wasn't even finishing top 50." If I were his mom I wouldn't even get him anything for Christmas this year.

Keep going for the video while I reminisce about all the times I've come up with even worse solutions for problems.

Thanks to Adam A, who agrees Goldilocks could have easily ransacked that place.

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