Good Lord: Drunk Man Falls On Tracks Of Oncoming Train, Gets Helped Up With 0 Seconds Left

November 7, 2019


This is a video of a drunk Oakland Raiders fan (aren't they all? LOLOL) stumbling and falling onto the tracks of an oncoming Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train when a station worker grabs him and helps him up with zero seconds left until imminent death or leglessness. Per a short interview with his personal savior, BART supervisor John O'Conner:

My honest opinion he wasn't gonna make it and I couldn't watch it happen. I'd like to think anybody else standing there would have done the same thing. I was-- God put me there for a reason, I guess.

Would anybody else standing there have done the same thing? Absolutely not. Most people would have just watched/filmed, then immediately posted about it on social media. I say maybe 1 out of 10 would have done what you did. You are a hero. Me? I don't ever stand anywhere near the tracks when I'm riding the train, but I also only ride public transportation in daydreams and lies. Also, a real Raiders fan would have tried to fight that train.

Keep going for the video, complete with John's whirlwind interview.

Thanks to Todd C, who agrees somebody needs to get John here some complementary season tickets.

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