Playing With Your Food: Custom McDonald's Fries Electric Guitar

November 1, 2019


This is one of three artist's proof McDonald's fries guitars crafted by "legendary luthier John Bolin of Bolin Guitars" in 2009. This particular proof (number 1 of 3) is available for sale on Reverb by the band DoubleWide Kings for $6,500 plus $75 shipping. Personally I would have included the shipping in the asking price, but that's just me and I know how to make a sale. I'm sort of an eBay king. "You were banned for trying to sell princes trapped in frog form." I WAS AHEAD OF MY TIME. Now there's a whole pond of royalty living behind my parents' house.

Keep going for a few more shots, including the McDonald's arches detail on the fretboard and a shot of the guitar being played with the arches at the bottom of the guitar lit up.





Thanks to hairless, who agrees a McRib guitar would have been much more relevant.

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