Cooool: Hyperlapse Of Solar Eclipse As Viewed From Weather Balloon At Altitude Of 50km

November 1, 2019

This is a video of a 2017 solar eclipse as viewed from over 50km (~31-miles) over Wyoming. In Youtuber senttospace's own words while I wish I was back in space right now. "You've never been to space." You don't know anything about me. "I know you're a liar." Pfft, one thing, big deal.

In August 2017 we travelled to Wyoming to film a solar eclipse. We launched a high altitude weather balloon filled with helium to an altitude exceeding 50km, timing the apex of the flight to coincide with totality.

Using a series of cameras aligned with nanometre precision, we filmed 360 degrees of footage for three hours from launch. On landing, we stitched the footage together and digitally stabilised the footage frame by frame to artificially lock the viewer perspective on the horizon, cropping down to a traditional 16:9 ratio. Finally, we speed-ramped the footage to create the world's first hyperlapse of an eclipse from the edge of space.

The footage really is breathtaking, isn't it? It's all lens flare, lens flare, lens flare, then BOOM, a perfect little moon in front of the sun. Plus seeing the shadow of the moon cast on earth is totally nuts. "Nobody cares about space." I do. "I stand by what I said." Mom!

Keep going for the full video with a much more respectable frame rate and resolution. Also, why does the earth look curved like that?

Thanks to HF, who agrees there will be a time when going to space separates the rich from poor, and, eventually, the alive from dead.

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