Cool: Marshall Mini-Fridges That Look Like The Company's Amps, Made With Real Amp Parts

November 13, 2019


These are the 2019 Marshall Bar Fridges. They look like the company's iconic amps and come in two sizes: a 3.2-cubic foot version with no freezer ($350), and a larger, 4.4-cubic footer with freezer compartment ($480). A little more info while I drink a warm one from my desk drawer *rummages around, only finds a single 23.5-ounce can of Mike's Harder Mango, shrugs and chugs*:

The Marshall fridge proudly features authentic Marshall Amp parts. With genuine Marshall logos, fret cloth, actual knobs, brass finished faceplate and custom branded glass shelving, the Marshall fridge is the ultimate combination of rock and refrigeration.

Heck yeah, the ultimate combination of rock and refrigeration. You KNOW how I feel about rocking out and slamming some cold ones. "They're why you keep getting kicked out of your rented rehearsal spaces." FACT. Plus, you know-- "Always trying to live in the space and run tattoo parlors out of them." It's like shooting fish in a barrel with all the rockers around!

Keep going for a handful more shots.







Thanks to hairless, who agrees nobody wants a room temperature tuna salad sandwich after a jam sesh.

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