Awww: Rescue Dog Has Tail Growing From Forehead

November 14, 2019


Hoho -- wrong end, God!

This is a shot of Narwhal (I suppose it was either that or Unicorn), a healthy 10-week old abandoned puppy (WTF is wrong with people?) that was rescued by Mac's Mission, an animal rescue organization operating out of Jackson, Missouri. He has a nonfunctional tail between his eyes (read: it doesn't wag like a windshield wiper for his eyeballs). Some more info while I put on my propeller beanie and try to convince coworkers my mom was a helicopter:

Rochelle Steffen, who runs Mac's Mission, named after a pit-bull terrier she rescued seven and a half years ago, told BBC News Narwhal "is in no pain and plays for hours". ... And X-rays had showed his secondary tail, about a third the size of his actual tail, was not connected to anything and served no purpose other than to make him the "coolest puppy ever".

Well how about that? Narwhal will be available for adoption after he's grown some more and medical staff ensure his secondary tail is inconsequential to his health, and I think it's safe to assume the line to adopt him will look like a mob gathering for this year's must-have Black Friday doorbuster deal.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who agrees the first dog that calls him butthead is getting put in time-out.

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