Man Performs Casual Spinning Back Kick During Russian Road Rage Incident

November 12, 2019

These are two videos of a well-dressed Russian road rage incident caught on dashcam. One by the guy who initiated the fight, and another, much shorter video from someone who just happened to pass by the action. Admittedly, that's a solid spinning back kick to the gut at 0:43 that puts the other guy on his ass. You have to be pretty confident in your ability to throw one of those. Now I want to believe this is real because this is Russia after all, but it also seems too perfect. Especially considering the back of that car is covered in an advertisement. What's it say, 'Learn How To Kick Like A Champ At Zangief's Fighting School'? I demand answers.

Keep going for the video, the shorter version captured by a passing car's dashcam first, the second from the guy who gets kicked (fight begins after 0:30).

Thanks to Clint, who agrees before you go opening somebody else's car door to fight, you better be ready to get spinning back kicked, or worse.

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