3-D Printed Super Mario Power Star Christmas Tree Topper

November 19, 2019


These are the Power Star tree toppers 3-D printed and sold by Etsy store NerdlyNecessities. They come in two varieties: a 5.5-inch version for $50 that you light yourself by feeding your existing lights through the bottom of, and a 10-inch version [above] that comes pre-lit and costs $100. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. Just don't choose poorly like that dumbass Walter Donovan in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. You know it's funny because he didn't even choose the cup he drank from, that no-good Elsa Schneider chose it for him. So when the Grail Night says, 'He chose poorly,' he was actually referring to trusting Elsa. "From Frozen!" I'm glad you were paying attention.

Keep going for a few more shots (the larger one first, followed by the smaller, followed by a BONUS shine sprite version, $49).








Thanks again to Closet Nerd, who agrees if you don't have a Star Wars or video game themed Christmas tree this year Santa probably isn't stopping.

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