Woman Driving Around With Rear Bumper Barely Hanging Onto Car

October 3, 2019


This is a video from a guy who pulls up alongside a woman at a red light to let her know her rear bumper is dangling precariously from the back of her car. A transcription of the interaction because I've always wanted to be a court reporter:

Dude: (making an incorrect finger gesture for 'roll down your window' (the proper gesture is the full hand and arm manual window crank motion)) Roll your window down.

Lady: (rolls window down)
Dude: You know your bumper's hanging off the back of your car right?
Lady: I know.
Dude: Oh okay, sorry. (as woman drives away, revealing dangling and scraping bumper) Really crazy.

Man, I wish there was more information. How long has the bumper been like that? Did it just happen? What's her plan, hope it hangs on till she gets home, where she'll review her options? I would have just torn it the rest of the way off and put it in the back seat, because PROTIP: it's a lot harder to reapply your bumper with duct tape when you don't know where your bumper is.

Keep going for the video while I contact Optimus Prime and inform him one of the Autobots has been injured.

Thanks to Julia Y, who agrees on a 1990 Honda CR-X that could have easily just been a custom mod.

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