Woman Climbs Fence Into Lion Enclosure At Bronx Zoo

October 2, 2019


Because how are you supposed to let people know you're a poor decision maker unless you make one to prove it, this is a video of Instagrammer queenempress_myahlaree climbing over a short fence into the pre-ravine portion of the lion exhibit at the Bronx Zoo and waving and dancing in front of the animals. The Bronx Zoo has since filed a complaint for criminal tresspassing. In her own words:


Lioness Instincts
"Its funny Cause you can hear Grown Men Scared smh

Only People wasn't scared was me and The Chidren. All the Adults was Scared

Let's just Say The Lions & the Children and Kids that Witnessed "Queen Empress Myáh Lareé Israelite" Go In With the Lions And Made it Out Alive

Every news outlet is reporting how stupid and dangerous this was, which I 100% agree with. But there's still a giant ravine between her and the animals (the actual barrier separating human and lions). If they can jump that and get to where she's standing, then they're loose in the entire zoo (she only climbed a not even 3-foot wooden fence to get where she's standing). So I'm not sure the whole "I REALLY HAVE NO FEAR OF NOTHING BREATHING" is very accurate. Now if she had made her way across that chasm and tried to pet one of the animals I might believe her. Or not be posting this because she was mauled and eaten and then the zoo killed the lions. I feel like this was a personal insult to Harambe.

Keep going for her video and a clip from the news.

Thanks to K Diddie, hairless, and Joanna P, who agree that, for her sake, hopefully this woman never decides to go on a safari.

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