Video Of Man Falling Asleep Behind Wheel, Blames Another Car For Running Him Off Road

October 10, 2019

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: DON'T DRIVE TIRED. Pull off and take a nap or buttchug three coffees, whatever it takes.

This is a terrifying video from Alex Mills of buddy Dave driving and repeatedly getting closer and closer to nodding off until he actually does -- driving into a ditch, then blaming another car for running him off the road. For some reason Alex's first reaction is taking off his seatbelt, which is not the proper first reaction. Hitting his own ejector seat button -- now that's what he should have done.

Keep going for the video (which isn't silent and does feature some cursing), which could have ended much, much worse. Actual nod-off at 2:00.

Thanks to DT, who agrees driving tired is dangerous, don't do it. It's not worth your life or anybody else's just to get there quicker.

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