$#!tter's Full: An 8-Foot Inflatable Cousin Eddie RV Lawn Ornament From Christmas Vacation

October 25, 2019


Because apparently Christmas wishes occasionally do come true, this is the 'Pre-lit Inflatable National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation RV Scene' available from Home Depot. It's 4-feet tall, 7.5-feet long and is going to be the centerpiece of my exterior holiday display this year. I like how they even included the septic hose -- that was a nice touch. Unfortunately for those of us on a Cousin Eddie budget this year, it costs $200. I'm still going to get one though, I just wonder what the neighbors are going to think when it's still up in April. "Who cares?" Goshdangit, I like the way you think. How the hell are we not BFFs? "You mean we aren't?" Holy heck that was a test and you aced it! Get over here and accept your half of our split-heart BFF necklace.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks again to MSA, who's finally realized her dreams of becoming a three-tips-in-a-day, gold star sticker recipient. Congratulations! "I want a foot rub." Excuse me?

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